There are 3 types of areas where you can search for pokemons : Legendary Areas, Mines & Exclusive Map Areas. In the Mines & Legendary Areas, you'll need to finish the 1st to unlock the 2nd Mine/Area, and so on.

Capturing PokemonsEdit

1. Pokeballs
  • Different kind of pokeballs are available in TPMRPG. As a new player, you can buy them at the Item Shop.
2. Finding Pokemons
  • As said from the above, you can Search pokemons in different areas.
  • First, go to an area (usually Jirachi's Park for newbies). Then keep clicking search until a pokemon appears, then click Battle. Once you have entered the battle, You can instantly use a pokeball (it's health doesn't affect the rate of the chance of catching it).