The Rock Trade-In is where you can trade in the rocks you obtain randomly through searching in Legendary Area in exchange for Pokemon. These rocks are also obtainable in the Mines. There are 10 types of rocks: Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Red, Gray, White, Cyan, and Purple.

The Pokemon received depends on the total amount of rocks that are traded, in which the colors do not seem to matter much, if anything. These amounts do seem to be set, however most of the time there will be at least 2 different Pokemon obtainable with this amount and thus will still be partial to luck. Generally, the more rocks that you blend, the rarer the Pokemon received will be. Supposedly there is a cap at 20,000 rocks, however this has yet to be confirmed.

List of Obtainable Pokemon Edit

Some of these are estimations, though guaranteed to work. More information has yet to be discovered as to what the specific amounts are for these transitions.

Total amount of rocks Pokemon obtainable #1 Pokemon obtainable #2
0-10 N/A
11-25 Spoink Dark Meowth
26-35 Shiny Spoink Ruby Meowth
36-55 Emerald Spoink Crystal Meowth
56-130 Ruby Spoink Emerald Meowth
131-205 Dark Spoink Golden Meowth
206-216 Paras Dark Squirtle
217-231 Shiny Paras Ruby Squirtle
232-300 Emerald Paras Crystal Squirtle
310-380 Ruby Sandshrew Shiny Gastly
390-480 Snubbull Ruby Gastly
490-530 Shiny Snubbull Cyndaquil
540-600 Emerald Snubbull Dark Cyndaquil
610-680 Dark Snubbull Shiny Cyndaquil
685-750 Ruby Snubbull Emerald Cyndaquil
760-830 Burmy Ruby Cyndaquil
840-990 Shiny Burmy Golden Cyndaquil
1,000-1,350 Emerald Burmy Silver Cyndaquil
1,500 Krabby
20,000 Crystal Groudon Dark Entei