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# Plushie Location Cbox Dex Evo


Rattata 204
265 Wurmple Jirachi's Park lv40
285 Shroomish Jirachi's Park lv5 lv10 lv25 204
385 Jirachi Jiracahi's Park 368
566 Aaken (Archen) lv50 286
570 Zoroa (Zorua) Jirachi's Park lv25 lv10 lv40 lv50 244
574 Gochimu (Gothorita) Jirachi's Park lv5 lv10 lv14 lv25 244
575 Gochimiru Jirachi's Park lv25 lv10 lv50 lv32 204
Washibon (Rufflet) Jirachi's Park lv5 lv10 lv55 lv25 204
Inkay Jirachi's Park lv1 lv10 lv30 lv25 204