Currently the 'Minigame Center' has 3 games. Klade is still working on the Minigame store but when it is available more games can be purchased by 'Minigame Points'. Minigame points can be earned by playing Minigames. They can also be used to buy Pokemon. In the 'Pokemon Shop'. There is a minigame shop whee you may buy minigames, but as you might notice, but it currently doesn't work.

Pokemon that can be bought Edit

  • ShinyGeodude            1,500
  • ShinyVoltorb               3,850
  • ShinyChikorita             5,150
  • ShinySlakoth               9,650
  • SapphireZigzagoon     17,500
  • RubyPidgey               25,000
  • DarkStarly                 40,000
  • DarkBeldum               45,000
  • CrystalChatot             55,000
  • GoldenCaterpie           63,500
  • SapphireVenonat        80,000
  • SapphireDiglett           85,000
  • EmeraldAzurill            90,000
  • RubyPlusle                 93,500
  • RubyMinun                 95,000
  • SilverCranidos           100,000
  • SilverBuizel               145,000
  • EmeraldChingling      150,000
  • CrystalNidoranF        165,000
  • CrystalNidoranM       170,000
  • DarkVulpix                200,000
  • SapphireGrowlithe     250,000
  • RubyPinsir                300,000
  • GoldenMareep           350,000
  • GoldenSkorupi           400,000
  • RubyHippopotas         415,000
  • CrystalLuxtales          450,000
  • SapphireEeveechu      500,000
  • EmeraldShaymin        850,000
  • SapphireAzelf             900,000
  • GoldenLatios           1,000,000
  • SilverJirachi             1,500,000
  • SapphireEntei          1,750,000
  • SilverManaphy          2,000,000

Pokemon Slots Edit

This game is just like slots.

Once you click the "Spin" button, which will shift from 5 different locations, three slots will be occupied by either of the 3 Sinnoh starters and you will gain Minigame Points.

In the scenario that you line three up in a row, extra points will be given.

The game grants 20-30 MP for a loss and 40-50 MP for a win.

There is also a chance of getting a GoldenArceus (1:750) or RubyZapdos (1:500) while playing.

Whack A Wobbuffet Edit

This game is based of the popular game, 'Whack-A-Mole'.

In the game, there is a small 3x3 grid of squares. One of these 9 squares will be occupied by a Wobbuffet. You get Minigame Points for clicking the Wobbuffet.

Once you have clicked the Wobbuffet or waited too long, then it will move to a different square.

This game gives 50-80 MP. In addition, a small number of Platinum Coins can occasionally be found.

There is a chance of getting a DarkWobbuffet (1:650) or EmeraldWobbuffet (1:850).

Press the Number Edit

This is the hardest of the current minigames. It gives around 100 MP for every complete round.

Each round you will have to press the numbers shown in the current order.It gets harder every round you complete.

Get one wrong or take too long and you start over.

This game may be hard for those without a Num Pad so its recommended you use a computer with one for this minigame.

When playing this minigame you have a chance of getting a SapphireGroudon.