The inbox is used to receive messages from other players and is used as a means of private messaging to ask things such as real life evens, trading, joining team/clan, trading, normal salutation, letters etc..

  1.  Delete/Terminate the message- It will never come back so you cannot read it again.
  2. Trash the message- Trashing the message is basically putting your message in a "trash bin"; it can later be reviewed, but it also may be deleted through terminating the message.
  3. Send reply- Replying is basically sending a message back to a user informing the user with an answer or such
  4. Quote message- Quoting a message is the same as replyiing a message the only difference is when you reply it has the users message and the replyers message.

All of these options can be accessed through the Private Messaging section in the Private messaging section their are 5 options.

Messaging Options Edit

  1. Compose Message-This allows you to create a message to send to another player in the RPG
  2. Your Inbox-Your Inbox is the place where all your received messages appear.
  3. Sent Messages-This is where you can see the messages or replies you sent to other players.
  4. Trashed Messages-Trash messages is where all your messages that can not be used at the time appear
  5. Messaging Options- This is the most important section because here it allows you to put your messages in the following category Allow All Messages, Block All Messages, or Friend only Messages(which makes it so only people on your friend list can PM you

Finally the last thing is the Inbox Options at the top of the Inbox it says Mark as read, Mark as unread, Trash selected, Terminate selected and all these options are used by clicking and putting a checkmark in the box beside the message.