Gold Shards are the third type of shard that can be obtained in the Mines.

The mines that Gold Shards can be found in are:

Mining ShopEdit

Gold Shards can be used to purchase the following from the Mining Shop:

  • SapphireStaryu: Requires 25 Copper Shards, 25 Silver Shards, and 25 Gold Shards.
  • DarkTogepi: Requires 45 Silver Shards, 40 Ruby Shards, and 55 Gold Shards.
  • CrystalPhanpy: Requires 70 Silver Shards, 85 Sapphire Shards, and 80 Gold Shards.
  • GoldenPinsir: Requires 90 Gold Shards, 95 Ruby Shards, and 95 Diamond Shards.
  • SapphireGastly: Requires 120 Silver Shards, 115 Gold Shards, and 115 Sapphire Shards.
  • GoldenZigzagoon: Requires 235 Gold Shards, 240 Sapphire Shards, and 245 Pearl Shards.