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  1. Trainer Bob: I am your first enemy! Pokemon: Charmander (Lvl. 7); Ratatta (Lvl. 10)
  2. Trainer Allisha: Are we allowed to swear in this RPG? Pokemon: Starly (Lvl. 8); Pidgey (Lvl. 12); Doduo (Lvl. 11)
  3. Trainer John: The Gym Leader is near! Let me test your skill. If you win, I will give you a Dark Hoothoot. Pokemon: Pidgey (Lvl. 13); Dark Hoothoot (Lvl. 19); Seedot (Lvl. 15) Reward: Dark Hoothoot (Lvl. 5)
  4. Trainer Nick: Why am I wearing this? Wow.. err, the Gym Leader is next. Ya, K then. Pokemon: Shiny Magikarp (Lvl. 15); Seal (Lvl. 14); Clamperl (Lvl. 17); Chinchou (Lvl. 20)
  5. Leader Falia:' I'm the first Gym Leader! I am so perfect! I guess that doesn't explain why I'm the first Gym Leader, though...' Pokemon:' Luvdisc (Lvl. 26); Shiny Luvdisc (Lvl. 30); Ruby Luvdisc (Lvl. 29) Reward: Shiny Luvdisc; Heart Badge
  6. Trainer Yulia: Time to die!~ Pokemon: Shiny Bidoof (Lvl. 24); Plusle (Lvl. 34); Minun (Lvl. 34); Pikachu (Lv. 35)
  7. Galactic Noob Cain: Surrender all of your Pokemon to us! Pokemon: Zubat (Lvl. 45); Purugly (Lvl. 50)
  8. Galatcic Noob Liz: You refuse to surrender? Then face the wrath of a Shadow Pokemon! Pokemon: Shadow Murkrow (Lv. 55); Golbat (Lvl. 40); Voltorb (Lvl. 43) Reward: Shadow Murkrow
  9. Galactic Admin Mars: All those who dare oppose Team Galactic will perish! Pokemon: Golbat (Lvl. 60); Golbat (Lvl. 68); Golbat (Lvl. 67); Purugly (Lvl. 67); Umbereon (Lvl. 75)
  10. Trainer Psy: Mind overpowers strength... Pokemon: Kadabra (Lvl. 78); Espeon (Lvl. 70); Kirlia (Lvl. 65)
  11. Trainer Lally: This should be fun!~ Pokemon: Staryu (Lvl. 96); Light Squirtle (Lvl. 100); Shiny Starly (Lvl. 106) Reward: Light Squirtle
  12. Leader Rob: It takes a soul to win a battle. Show me what you've got! Pokemon: Pidgeotto (Lvl. 110); Sapphire Cyndaquil (Lvl. 124); Flygon (Lvl. 135); Roserade (Lvl. 128) Reward: Sapphire Cynadaquil; Soul Badge
  13. Trainer Laura: Hi! Pokemon: Piplup (Lvl. 129); Dark Snover (Lvl. 150); Bonsly (Lvl. 148)
  14. Trainer Bob: Remember me? I was your first enemy.. now, I'm a lot stronger! Pokemon: Charizard (Lvl. 145); Raticate (Lvl. 163); Shadow Chimeco (Lvl. 166) Reward: Shadow Chimeco
  15. Galactic Nood Cad: So you're the idoit who has been causing problems? Pokemon: Crobat (Lvl. 150); Muk (Lvl. 160)
  16. 'Trainer Ace: All of my Pokémon come from the Hoenn region... Pokemon': Corphish (Lvl. 163); Numel (Lvl. 165); Nosepass (Lvl. 170)
  17. Trainer Jagar: Durr!!! Pokemon: Golem (Lvl. 184); Honchkrow (Lvl. 200); Camerupt (Lvl. 210)